The Foxfield gates were installed as a traffic control mechanism to help limit the excessive cut through traffic in the Town of Foxfield.  Residents play an important role in helping keep the gates operational and effective.  Below are some guidelines that will help mitigate any issues.

Apply for Gate Tags:

To apply for your RFID tags, please send the Town Clerk ( an email or letter with your name, address, vehicle registration, and number of vehicles you would like to register.  The first two tags will be free; additional tags will cost $8.00 each.

 Tags will be delivered within five business days once the following criteria have been met:

  • Registration Confirmation:
      • For replacement tags, please email the vehicle make/year/license number
      • For new vehicles with temporary tags, please email make/year
  • Payment:  The cost is $8.00 each (Pilot programs will incur additional fees) and must be paid in full before any additional tags will be issued.  Payments can be made by either of the two methods below.

                Town of Foxfield
                P.O. Box 461450
                Foxfield, CO 80046

Gate Protocol:

  • Tailgating is not allowed, and in fact, the arms are timed for one vehicle.  In order to avoid damaging the gate arms, please do not attempt or encourage tailgating.
  • Please do not manually try to raise or move the gate arms.  Manually moving the arms will cause the arms not to work, and the arms will have to be reset by a trained team member.
  • Please ensure all delivery teams know about the gates and use alternative routes during the hours the gates are in operation (M-F 6am-9am and 4pm to 7pm).
  • Gate tags must be affixed to the windshield, if they are not the tags may not function properly.

Report an Issue:


  • What do I do if I see another car unable to get through the gates?
    • If the vehicle has a gate tag please report the gate issues.  
    • If the vehicle does not have a gate tag, then they must use the turnarounds and find another non-gated exit on Arapahoe Road.  There is a QR code on the new gate signs that provides a map of the area. 
  • Can I use the keypad?
    • No.  The keypad is for emergency vehicles only.

Attaching RFID windshield gate tags:

The windshield glass acts as an antenna for these tags.  This document shows a number of different options.  If mounting your tag in the upper left as noted in the instructions you received with your tags will not work on your vehicle, these options may help:

               To a windshield

If you have a metal oxide windshield -- most vehicles do not -- this document lists which vehicles do and where to mount the tag on those vehicles.  The easiest mounting location for all the listed vehicles is on the front left headlight, covered with clear packing tape.

               Special instructions for a Metal Oxide Windshield

Traffic Control Gate Policy

At the October 6, 2022 the Board of Trustees approved Resolution 06-2022 Adopting a Traffic Control Gate Policy for the Town of Foxfield.






Traffic Control 2016 Presentation

At the Board of Trustees meeting on August 4, 2016, Jon Larson, the Traffic Engineer from SEH, presented several options regarding traffic control for the Town of Foxfield.

Foxfield Traffic Committee 2018 Community Presentation

The Traffic Committee Report, which was drafted in 2018, includes information about the speeding and cut-through traffic problems.  After reaching the issues and gathering community feedback, the Committee presented the report which outlined feasible solutions, and funding options.