\Apply for Your Gate Tags:

To apply for your RFID tags, please send the Town Clerk ( an email or letter with your name, address and number of vehicles you would like to register.  The first two tags will be free; additional tags will cost $8.00 each.

 For each vehicle, please include a copy of the registration showing that it is registered to a Foxfield resident.  You may take a picture of the registration with your phone if that’s easier than making a copy.

 If you are requesting more than two tags, please mail a check payable to the Town of Foxfield to:

                Town of Foxfield
                P.O. Box 461450
                Foxfield, CO 80046

You may choose the option of paying online at the Town website (  On the bottom of each page is a Make a Payment button.  Service Type is Miscellaneous Fee and Type of Fee is Gate Tag.  The cost is $8.00 each and must be paid in full before any additional tags will be issued.  There is a fee for this online payment (a percentage of the total for a credit card payment or a flat $1 fee for an electronic check).

Your gate tags will be mailed to you once we have received your registrations and payment.


Attaching RFID windshield gate tags:

     The windshield glass acts as an antenna for these tags.  This document shows a number of different options.  If mounting your tag in the upper left as noted in the instructions you received with your tags will not work on your vehicle, these options may help:

               To a windshield

     If you have a metal oxide windshield -- most vehicles do not -- this document lists which vehicles do and where to mount the tag on those vehicles.  The easiest mounting location for all the listed vehicles is on the front left headlight, covered with clear packing tape.

               Special instructions for a Metal Oxide Windshield



Traffic Control 2016 Presentation

At the Board of Trustees meeting on August 4, 2016, Jon Larson, the Traffic Engineer from SEH, presented several options regarding traffic control for the Town of Foxfield.

Foxfield Traffic Committee 2018 Community Presentation

The Foxfield Traffic Committee met weekly in 2018 to identify the major traffic issues facing our community and research potential solutions. The ultimate goal was to use research and community feedback to present a formal recommendation to the Board of Trustees for a feasible solution to Foxfield's traffic issues.

The presentation includes information about the speeding and cut-through traffic problems, feasible solutions, and funding options. Traffic is an issue that affects all residents, whether directly or through our Town economics.

     Traffic Committee Report

Contact Josie Cockrell,, for additional information.

Traffic Gate Plans

The final gate plans have been approved and bids for the project were reviewed and contractors have been chosen.  The project, planned for early 2020, was delayed due to the economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic but is moving forward at this time.

     Traffic Gate Plans