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Why is weed management so important?

All homeowners must take responsibility for their property and respect the property of their neighbors. Uncontrolled, weeds will invade and conquer. Weed management is more successful if neighbors join together to control the spread of weeds and share the common goal of protecting their property and the property of their neighbors from the negative effects of noxious weeds. Controlling new or small infestations, planting competitive grasses and preventing bare spots from overgrazing are just a few ways we can all start battling these weeds.

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Weed Management | Town of Foxfield (colorado.gov)

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Living in Foxfield


The Foxfield gates were installed as a traffic control mechanism to help limit the excessive cut through traffic in the Town of Foxfield.  Residents play an important role in helping keep the gates operational and effective.  Learn more about gate protocol and how to order a gate tag.


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Sales Tax | Town of Foxfield (colorado.gov)


Arapahoe County Services for Senior Citizens


Transportation Services

VIA Mobility Services provides vehicles, equipped to support wheelchairs and various abilities, are available to provide transportation to medical appointments, dining centers, grocery stores and food banks. Schedule a ride, call 303-447-9636.

Other Services

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Arapahoe County Senior Services

Outdoor Recreation

Foxfield Open Space Norfolk Ct. Trail Entrance
Norfolk Ct. pathway entrance and Open Space area