Sales Tax

On items that are sold for delivery to any residence or business within the Town of Foxfield, the 3.75% sales tax rate for the Town of Foxfield may be applicable. It depends upon the method of delivery and the nature of the items sold. Sales taxes are applicable on internet sales.

Building materials delivered to a building site in Foxfield are subject to the 3% use tax in lieu of sales tax, if the value exceeds $20,000 and the materials are delivered. The use tax will be levied on the total value of the building materials.

Motor vehicle purchases are specifically exempt from the 3% use tax.

The Foxfield use tax should not be included when determining the applicable taxes on retail purchases of automobiles made outside Town limits. The zip code of 80016 should not be the determining factor, as that zip code is shared by Foxfield, Aurora and Centennial.

The only applicable sales/use taxes for automobile purchases will be:

State of Colorado 2.90%
Arapahoe County 0.25%
SCFD 0.10%
RTD 1.00%

The use tax exemption for automobiles applies to any purchase of a motor vehicle that is registered in the Town of Foxfield.

A vehicle lease is subject to the 3.75% sales tax.

If you need additional documentation, you may use the letter below:

      Sales/Use Tax Exemption