Town wide emails are now being sent from   Please be sure to add this email to your contact list to prevent future emails from being tagged as spam.  Alternatively, please consider signing up for text messages.  




The Town of Foxfield utilizes email and text messaging to communicate with residents.

To sign-up for email messages, please visit Sign Up to receive Town informational emails | Town of Foxfield (  Once signed up please be sure to add to your email contacts.

 Additionally, the Town utilizes the TextMyGov platform to as a community communication tool.  Citizens can use smart mobile devices to find information, report issues and receive Town notifications*.

How to receive alerts:

  • Text the following phrases to 91896:
    • To receive all Town communication alerts text the phrase Foxfieldgeneral.  There is no need to sign up for any other alerts if this option is chosen. 
    • To only receive emergency alerts text the phrase Foxfieldalert.    
    • To only receive event related information text the phrase Foxfieldevents  
    • To only receive gate related information text the phrase Foxfieldgates  
    • To only receive meeting related information text the phrase Foxfieldmeeting
    • After the initial keyword is sent, you will receive a confirmation message asking you to reply YES to verify opt-in.

How to find information or report issues:

  • Reporting issues send a text to 720-262-2265 and use one of the key words/phrases:
    • Animal complaint 
    • Code Violation 
    • Gate Issue 
    • Roadway 
    • Report
  • Finding information send a text to 720-262-2265 and a key word:
    • Building permit
    • Gate tag
    • Fence permit
    • Online payments



  • Do I need to remember the key words to report an issue?
    • No.  The keywords are used to automatically forward the issues to the appropriate persons.  All texts are received, even if you receive a message stating the word or phrase was not recognized.  An unrecognized word will not be automatically forward on but will be seen eventually.  The staff also monitors the system to identify any words that are frequently used so those words can be added to the TextMyGov automated processes.
  • If I sign up for alerts how many will I receive?
    • While the number is dependent on the number of event and the type of alerts, the overall number is very low.  You may receive a few texts a month, or none at all.

*Please note that in the event of a Town Emergency a text will be sent to residents that have opted-in.

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