Business License


Only businesses with a physical storefront within the Town of Foxfield boundaries are required to have a Foxfield business license; contractors are not required to have a Town issued business license.

Pursuant to Municipal Code Chapter 6, Article 1, every person must obtain a license from the Town before operating, conducting or carrying on any retail trade, profession or business with a physical storefront within the Town. Each license shall be granted and issued by the Town Clerk and shall be in force until December 31st of the year in which it is issued (unless sooner revoked). The license shall be granted or renewed upon receipt by the Town Clerk of a completed application and all appropriate fees.

The business license must be posted in a conspicuous location in the place of business. The license is not transferable.

It is the duty of each licensee to apply for a renewal of the license prior to January 1 if the licensee remains in business within the Town of Foxfield. Any applicant who fails to submit a renewal application and fee within the required time shall be subject to an additional 25% of the license fee for the first fifteen days and an additional 50% of the license fee thereafter.

Fee Schedule

All licenses expire on December 31 of the year granted

Annual Business License for first year $50.00
Applications received after July 1 of first year 35.00
Renewal Fee for subsequent consecutive years 35.00


Businesses with a physical storefront within the Town of Foxfield boundaries should complete and sign the application. Any application that is incomplete will be returned to the applicant.

Make an Online Payment and email a completed application to clerk@townoffoxfield.com.  Alternatively, you can mail the completed application and a check, payable to the Town of Foxfield.

Town Clerk
P.O. Box 461450
Foxfield, CO 80046

The license will be emailed to you upon approval by the Town Clerk.

If you have questions, please contact the Town Clerk at 303-680-1544 or Clerk@TownofFoxfield.com.


New Business License Application

Renewal Business License Application