Municipal Code

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     Town of Foxfield Municipal Code

Recent Ordinances

Number Ordinance
2023-01 Prohibition of Short-Term Rentals
2022-01 Marijuana Delivery Permit
2021-06 Animal Control
2021-05 Meeting Location, Date and Time
2021-04 Home Occupations
2021-03 Outdoor Storage
2021-02 Destruction of Public Property
2021-01 Clarify Definition of Accessory Structure
2020-03 Repealing Sec. 7-1-20(7)(e) of the Municipal Code Concerning Rodents
2020-01 Urban Camping Ban
2018-01 Election Code Changes
2018-02 Sound Walls in the Rural Residential District
2017-01 Concerning Accessory Structures in the Rural Residential Zone District
2017-02 Use by Special Review
2017-05 Residential Driveway and Culvert Permits
2017-09 Further Limiting Marijuana Plants