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Water and Septic

Wells: Most homes in Foxfield have private wells. Well permits are issued by the State Engineer. Each well has a specific limit on water usage depending on when the permit for it was granted. Residents can determine the specific usage of their wells by contacting the Colorado Division of Water Resources at (303) 866-3581. With regard to testing well water quality, residents may contact the Laboratory Services Division of the State of Colorado at (303) 692-3090 or (303) 692-3074 to order a water testing kit. Residents may also contact a chemist (303) 692-3048 to discuss what tests may be ordered. Well owners with questions about wells or well water may also call the new Wellcare Hotline operated by the Water Systems Council, a national organization focused on well systems not regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The hotline can be reached by phone at (888) 395-1033 or or

Water Tap: Property in Foxfield can be served by the central water system operated by the Arapahoe County Water & Wastewater Authority (ACWWA). Homeowners are under no obligation to buy a water tap. However, a water tap is necessary if a homeowner decides to hook up to the water system. The cost of a water tap is $32,228 in 2024.  In addition, a homeowner must connect his or her house to the water meter located on the property. Water meters and inspections are subject to additional fees ranging from $204 to $335.  Contractors typically charge $1,500 to $4,000 for a connection from the meter pit to the house. If a homeowner hooks up to the water system, they may continue to use water from their own well, from ACWWA, or from both.

There are additional costs assessed by ACWWA as well.  Click on the link below for complete information regarding the rate increase:

2024 Water Tap Fee Increase

Deep Water Rights: Deep water rights must be transferred to ACWWA before you can connect to the water system. Most property owners have already committed to sell/transfer their deep water rights to ACWWA. The contracted price for those rights averages about $4,000 per lot and can be paid directly to the homeowner or applied toward a water tap fee. If a home is mortgaged, a partial release from the lender is required prior to selling deep water rights. More information can be obtained from the Town Clerk (303) 680-1544 or from ACWWA (303) 790-4830.

Septic and Sewer: All residential properties in Foxfield are on septic. Septic permits are issued by Arapahoe County Public Health Department (303-795-HLTH (4584). Sewer service is not available to residences but as a general rule is required for churches and commercial buildings.

Arapahoe County Public Health Department recommends septic systems be pumped and inspected by a septic system professional on a regular basis to assure that the system is in good working order.