Republic Services began trash and recycling service in Foxfield in May 2015. They are the only trash removal company allowed to operate in the Town of Foxfield.

Customer Service Contacts:


  • The normal service day is Friday.
  • Trash will be collected weekly, recycle will collect every other week. Please have your trash and recycle carts out by 7:00 a.m. on trash day.

General Information:

  • Please place the carts with wheels facing away from the street toward your house, so the truck's automatic arm can pick them up easily. Please leave a 4-foot separation between your trash and recycle carts, and place them 8' from mailboxes, poles, fences or trees.
  • The company will provide one 96-gallon trash cart and one 96-gallon recycle cart at no charge.  Trash and yard waste must be contained in the 96-gallon carts provided by Republic. You may request an additional cart at a cost of $27.00 per year.
  • Visit Frequently Asked Questions | Republic Services to get answers to commonly asked questions.


  • Republic Services will invoice you directly for your service on a quarterly basis. There will be a $3.25 administrative fee per quarter. They do offer annual billing, which means you would only pay the $3.25 admin fee once per year.  Contact Republic Services to change your billing cycle.