Changes to collection practices in 2020

No collection of any material outside of the cart. Cart Content only for both trash and recycle. Republic Services wants to minimize any exposure to our drivers and as a result we do not want to be handling any bags, cardboard boxes or any loose trash.

  1. We have suspended all bulk collections. Again, we do not want our drivers handling materials like couches, chairs, mattresses etc.
  2. We have suspended all yard waste collection that is outside of the cart. If this material is inside of a cart, all is good.
  3. Waste collection is and will continue to be an essential service. Republic will continue service as normal, with new cart content only guideline.
  4. Recycle collection will continue as normal. If the State of Colorado deems recycle to not be an essential service and requires haulers to cease collection, or if recycle processing facilities close due to being a non-essential service, adjustments will have to be made. If that happens, we would offer to collect the recyclables as trash to assist residents in getting rid of the material.

These changes will be in effect until further notice

Republic Services (303-286-1200) began trash service in Foxfield in May 2015. They are the only trash removal company allowed to operate in the Town of Foxfield. The company will provide one 96-gallon trash cart and one 96-gallon recycle cart at no charge.

The normal service day is Friday.

Trash will be collected weekly, recycle will collect every other week (on the dark blue Schedule A, see the Service Guide below). Please have your trash and recycle carts out by 7:00 a.m. on trash day.

Please place the carts with wheels facing away from the street toward your house, so the truck's automatic arm can pick them up easily. Please leave a 4-foot separation between your trash and recycle carts, and place them 8' from mailboxes, poles, fences or trees.

Trash and yard waste must be contained in the 96-gallon carts provided by Republic. You may request an additional cart at a cost of $27.00 per year.

Republic Services will invoice you directly for your service on a quarterly basis. There will be a $3.25 administrative fee per quarter. They do offer annual billing, which means you would only pay the $3.25 admin fee once per year.  Contact Republic Services to change your billing cycle.

Click to view service information and a calendar for 2020.  Foxfield is the A week (dark blue) for recycling.