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Republic Service 2024 rate increase

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Residents should have received an additional invoice detailing a 2024 rate increase for Republic Services.

As a reminder, each household is responsible for establishing an individual accounts with Republic Service and invoicing questions and service issues should be directed to Republic Services. 

Contact Us Residential Customers (


However, to assist with some of the more common questions we are providing a few details relating to the increase.

Question 1:  Are increases allowed under the current contract?  

Answer 1:  Yes, annual increases are allowed within certain limits.  Inflation related charges must be tied to the CPI index, and uncontrollable charges (such as new regulations) are allowed to be passed on.


Question 2:  Why did I receive another invoice if I requested annual billing?  

Answer 2:  Billing cycles for every household are based on the start date of service.  As an example, if a customer is typically on an October billing cycle, a January rate increase will be charged separately.


Question 3: Why is there an additional administrative fee?

Answer 3:  Some companies may choose to include administrative costs as part of their rate fees.  Republic Services chooses to keep those separate in an effort to be transparent.  Any additional questions on the service fees should be directed to Republic Services.


2024 rate information

Annual billing cycle: 

$178.73 for service plus the administrative fee

Additional container for 1 $ 29.21 per year plus the administrative fee

Additional container for 2 $ 58.41 plus the administrative fee

Quarterly billing cycle:

$ 44.69 plus the administrative fee

Additional Container charge of $7.30 per container plus the administrative fee.