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Open Records Policy

The purpose of this policy is to foster open and accessible government by providing prompt and equitable service to citizens requesting access to public records in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act, C.R.S. 24-72-200.1.

All requests for public records shall be made in writing through the Town Clerk. The records shall be produced within three (3) working days of receipt of the request. If this time frame is not possible, the Clerk shall inform the requester in writing that more time will be needed, not to exceed an additional seven working (7) days.

To request public records, please complete the Open Records Request form, and email or mail it to the Town Clerk at the address on the form. Please see the fee schedule for all fees associated with open records requests.

     Open Records Request Form

There will be no charge for the first 60 minutes of research and retrieval time, thereafter, the fee will be $33.58 per hour or portion thereof (in increments of 15 minutes) spent on research and retrieval.

If the records can be submitted electronically, there will be no charge for the transmission of said records. If the records must be copied and mailed, fees and expenses will apply. Please see the fee schedule for detailed fees.

Please contact the Town Clerk at clerk@townoffoxfield or 303-680-1544 if you have any questions.