Before There Was Foxfield

Prior to establishment of land claims of European nations, Native Americans, including members of the Kiowa, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, inhabited the area now known as Foxfield. We can only imagine them admiring the same grand vistas, open spaces and blue skies that residents of Foxfield enjoy today.

The area was part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and later was included in the Kansas territory. As part of that territory, it included a large part of eastern Colorado as well as a county named Arapahoe, which was much larger than the current Arapahoe County. At that time Arapahoe County's eastern border was the Kansas state line and the western boundary was what is now Sheridan Boulevard. When Kansas became a state in 1861, the territory of Colorado was established and Arapahoe became a Colorado county. These boundaries existed until 1902 when the county was divided into several counties, including Washington, Yuma, Valverde, and Denver. Later it was again divided to form Adams County. Currently, Arapahoe County is a rectangular strip, seventy-two miles long and twelve miles wide with Foxfield in its western region.

Arcadian Acres was the first development in the area prior to the formation of the Town of Foxfield. It included the area in the northwest corner of the town along Arapahoe Road. Prior to 1965 this road, from Parker Road east to South Liverpool, was known as East Davidson Road after the Davidson family who lived in the area for many years. Bill and Joe Davidson were brothers who owned much of the land in the Foxfield area and whose heirs sold their farming and ranching acreage to developers for some of the subdivisions existing today in the vicinity of Liverpool and Arapahoe Road.