ArapAlert Emergency Notification System

Do you LIVE, WORK or PLAY in Arapahoe County? Then you need ArapAlert!

About ArapAlert

In Arapahoe County, ArapAlert utilizes the CodeRed system to allow Public Safety Agencies to warn citizens/residents/visitors of danger and other important information. With ArapAlert, the agencies can call, text or email multiple individuals and businesses to warn of dangerous suspects, flood, fire, or chemical spills.

ArapAlert also has an emergency notification app. Unlike the database, the ArapAlert app will give you notifications when you are in geographic proximity to a warning area. For instance, you might visit a friend or family member who is within the warning area. The app will detect your proximity and provide you the same warning given to those who live and work in that area. You can download the app from your app store.

In light of the recent fires in Boulder County, signing up for this Emergency Alert System makes sense for everyone.

Sign up here to get ArapAlert, the County Emergency Alert System:



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